martes, 20 de enero de 2009

Matthew herbert - Bodily functions - Accidental 01

1. You're Unknown To Me
2. It's Only
3. Foreign Bodies
4. Suddenly
5. I Know
6. Leave Me Now (Album Version)
7. The Last Beat
8. You Saw It All
9. On Reflection
10. About This Time Each Day
11. Addiction
12. I Miss You
13. It's Only A Reprise
14. The Audience (Original)


Un clásico y uno de los mejores discos de la eléctronica. Mr. Herbert, las cajas de ritmo, las máquinas, el sampleo de sonidos corporales, el house, la voz de Dani Siciliano. Concepto, arte y groove. Esencial!!
One of the best house music records ever. The human body sounds re processed by Matthew "gold hands" Herbert on this piece of art with cocept and groove. A must!!

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